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Advisory and Consulting Services

The Management Advisory and Consulting Services Offered by TSI Include:

Strategic Planning

Whether your company is experiencing unprecedented growth, reviewing its strategic direction or needs to position more effectively against your competition, TSI can provide expertise that will help to ensure the development of a thorough, comprehensive plan. TSI employs state-of-the-market approaches to the analysis of your business model and competitive environment and the technology supporting that business model that will successfully

  • Define and clarify strategic goals
  • Clarify and enhance Business/IT alignment
  • Identify critical success factors
  • Identify obstacles to success
  • Competitively position your firm
  • Formulate a realistic, executable plan for achievement of your goals

TSI’s Strategic Planning services can focus on your company as a whole, a specific practice area, or on a specific service offering.

 Marketing and Sales Planning

Services selling and effective marketing are often the most significant challenge to a professional services company. The expectations of your prospects and clients are primarily set by the exposure to your company through the marketing and selling processes. Sales forecasts not being met can be the symptom of deeper, more complex problems associated directly with the way your company is marketing or selling its services.

TSI’s Saturation Bombing Marketing approach examines all facets of the how your company is marketing its services to your prospects including

  • Your company’s brand
  • Target market definition
  • Alignment between your services and the target market
  • Effectiveness of approaches employed to reach your target market
  • Recommendations for enhancement and improvement of your marketing efforts

A fine tuned approach to selling your company’s services is vital to ensuring long term success. In a professional services environment, business development related to new sales can be one of the most complex obstacles to the organization’s growth. Our Sales Planning services approach includes

  • Examination of your current services selling environment
  • Examination of your current sales approach, techniques and methodology
  • Identification of “gaps” where sales effectiveness is being compromised
  • Identification of “thinking out of the box” sales approaches and opportunities
  • Recommendations for enhancing and improving your company’s sales results

TSI’s Marketing and Sales Planning services can focus on your company as a whole, a specific practice area or on a specific service offering.

 Operations and Process Improvement

The successful delivery of your company’s services and the alignment of that delivery with the expectations of the client or “internal customer” are primary cornerstones of professional service quality. It is this critical alignment combined with a structured approach that produces repeat sales, great references and the highest level of client satisfaction.

TSI’s Operations and Process Improvement Services can focus in a wide variety of areas, depending on the needs of your company. Examples of services provided to our clients include 

  • Governance Design
    • Project Management Office (PMO)
    • Portfolio management
    • Demand management
    • Resource management
  • Organization Development
    • Organizational design
    • Roles & Responsibilities definition
    • Skills Assessment
  • Process Improvement
    • Development of company-wide standards, policies and methodologies
    • Enhancement of the proposal development processes
    • Process design and establishment of a continuous improvement environment

 Our in-depth understanding of technology organizations, professional services companies and consulting firms, combined with our use of a foundational structured service delivery methodology allows TSI to provide an unparalleled level of service to our clients.

 Change Management Services

Effective, efficient change management can be the key to success on any project. TSI’s Change Management services include the assessment of Culture, Organizational Readiness, formulation of the Change Management Strategy, Communication Planning, Change Execution and Adoption Planning. We can also assist your company in setting up an Office of Change Management to ensure the sustainability of the changes in your organization. Our understanding of “the goal behind the goal” will help to ensure the success of your change effort and actual achievement of the return on investment that you forecasted.

 Training and Development Planning

A structured plan is the cornerstone of a successful training and development strategy for your company. Our approach effectively integrates the company’s business needs and training and development needs with the recruiting and hiring and performance review processes. The assessment of the gap between the company's strategic goals and the resulting needs of your organization, and the skills, backgrounds and desires of the associates in the organization are integral components of this analysis. Once these gaps are identified, short and long term training and development strategies are formulated. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure the continuous improvement of the process and the individual.