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President's Letter

First, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your visit to our web site. It is my hope that through the information provided here, you are able to gain an understanding of the services that Transformation Sciences Inc. (TSI) provides and how we might be of assistance to your company. 

Transformation is the science and art of reinvention. It is not only the development of a vision or goal that necessitates change, but the science behind executing a successful change. It is that holistic understanding of all of the components that impact or are impacted by real transformation.

As a business professional with over twenty years of domestic and international management and consulting experience, I, like you, have seen some consulting solutions delivered well to client companies. But probably more often than not, things not going well, resulting in elongated project timelines, costs overruns and dissatisfied clients and customers. All service providers mean well, but technology services organizations, professional services companies and consulting firms don’t consistently provide the quality of service that clients or customers expect and desire.

What I came to understand as a result of my doctoral research, consulting and management experience was that the challenges associated with consistently delivering high service quality resulted from a number of factors within the service provider’s organization. These include ineffective planning, inefficient processes and a lack of alignment between the service organization and its clients. These challenges with alignment can result from the firm’s service offerings and delivery approach, the skills of the firm’s staff or a clear understanding of the wants and desires of the client or customer.

Professional services companies, technology service organizations and consulting firms stand to gain significantly from a focus on service quality, resulting in great references, higher profits, lower costs, repeat business and enhanced market share. But most importantly, the professional service quality that your firm provides will help ensure your long-term success.

Transformation Sciences was founded to provide professional services companies, consulting firms and related businesses with the help that they need to gain and sustain competitive advantage in their markets. We deliver these services through management advisory services and/or training and development, leadership coaching or speaking engagements, depending on the needs of your firm. Whether your company is growing through new business or acquisition, is changing direction or if you think that you need to do a better job serving your client base or the customers within your own company, we can help.

Please let us know if we can assist your company in achieving its service quality and business goals.


Dr. Eric B. Threatt