Unparalleled Service Quality 



Why TSI? 

Transformation Sciences (TSI) understands the challenges of technology organizations, consulting firms and professional services companies as a result of decades of working within and consulting to these organizations. We have provided our services to many of America’s largest and most successful services companies, as well as smaller organizations for over a decade.

Exerpts from the Letters of Recommendation from our clients reflect their deep satisfaction with our services and our professional staff:

“Over the course of the project, we were impressed with TSI’s ability to build productive and efficient relationships both with our team and the team of our global customer. In addition to your original charter of formalizing an Alliance Management process and enhancing the organizational structure of our Integrated Account Team, your contributions to other initiatives such as strategy formulation, proposal development and facilitation of joint planning sessions between our firm and the customer were also invaluable” – Managing Director, Global Technology & Services Company (servicing Global/Fortune 100 bank)

"As you know, this has been a critical year for our company as we continued to evolve our business model. Your services have been a key enabler of our transformation. The Professional Consulting Skills and Services Selling training has helped transform the focus of our professional services and business development staff. Your consulting services that helped in catalyzing our methodology have also been instrumental." - Chief Technology & Knowledge Officer (Regional Information Technology Solutions Company)

 “In addition to his role in leading the overall transformation effort, Dr. Threatt was responsible for building out the business strategy framework, while working closely with our executive and internal strategy teams.  His activities also included recommendations to the executive team regarding organizational changes, while also advising our internal consulting group and delivering courses in Service Excellence and Change Management. We believe that Eric’s experience in transformation efforts and his ability to build solid working relationships at all levels across the organization were critical to the success of the project.” – CFO, Clinical Research Institute (Division of Top American Research University and Medical School)

 “Our organization experienced a variety of changes and transitions strategically, tactically and organizationally. TSI’s role as communications and change management consultant to Information Technology during this period was a tremendous asset to the organization and to me personally. They not only supported a number of initiatives and cross-organizational teams, but also was a key resource in ensuring the quality and frequency of vital communications as we entered the merger process (with another Fortune 100 bank).” – Global CIO, (Fortune 100 American Bank)

 “The business plan that they assisted us in developing, combined with their help with the day-to-day execution of that plan have contributed to our consistently meeting our revenue and profitability targets. During the execution of the plan, TSI worked closely with our staff to ensure participation and communication, critical components in making the plan a reality. As a result of their work with our software company, TSI was engaged to assist us with business planning for our Energy Services division” – President & COO – Technology and Energy Services Division (Fortune 500 American Energy Company)

 “TSI has provided a variety of consulting, training and development services for our company. TSI has worked closely with us in the formulation of the strategy for a company-wide development plan for our Learning and Development Institute. TSI’s Consulting Skills Course has been presented to inexperienced staff and experienced professionals and they also provided sales training to our largest service organization” – Director, Organizational Development (National Healthcare Services Firm)

 “While working on our organizational transformation program, I continually relied on TSI to drive, baseline, and create the scope for the entire program. They were incredibly thorough in their ability to outline a holistic approach for the program. As part of the strategic transformation program, TSI developed and delivered a process design and improvement course to our organization’s top talent. Their creativity, resourcefulness and ability to visualize exactly what was needed for our program was instrumental in making it a success.” – Director, Shared Services (Fortune 500 Insurance & Financial Services Company)

 “During TSI’s time with our company, they were involved in virtually every aspect of our operation. They employed their knowledge of consulting, information technology and business to develop and implement our internal processes and procedures, develop formal job descriptions and recommend other operational enhancements. The strategic plan that they developed was very comprehensive and addressed the marketing, financial and operational aspects of our company.” – President, Regional Recruiting and Staffing Company