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Training and Development Services

The courses offered by TSI are specifically designed for the training and development of individuals operating as consultants, analysts and advisors, project leaders and managers, and those in business development roles in a professional services environment. These courses not “off the shelf” training programs. They are modular in design, and are offered on-line, through a classroom approach or through a “blended learning” format that incorporates classroom, e-learning and collaborative on-line support.



TSI Offers Professional Training and Development in the Following Areas:


Professional Consulting Skills

The Professional Consulting Skills course is designed to provide a solid grounding in professional consulting fundamentals and the “real world” application of those skills within consulting firms and technology services organizations. This course has been used effectively to help create a common philosophy, culture and approach in established consulting organizations populated by experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds. The course is also utilized to transition those individuals with specific technical or industry skills and no consulting experience into a consulting role, or orient new hires with limited consulting experience. Areas of focus include professional service quality, the role of the consultant, consultant/client partnerships, working in teams, conflict management, consulting project dynamics, change management, services selling and collecting quality information through developing effective interviewing skills. The focus for this program is communicating the critical importance of the “Trusted Advisor” relationship and how to build and sustain that relationship.

Selling Professional Services

The Services and Solution Selling course is designed to address the needs of those individuals directly responsible for business development and consultants with additional responsibility for selling services. This course is specifically focused on selling professional services; selling intangibles as opposed to selling “things”. The curriculum includes how to sell value, consultative sales techniques, building client relationships, structured approaches to developing prospects, qualifying the opportunity, clarifying the scope of services, proposal development, negotiating fees and getting the order. The overall goal of the course is to convey the importance of reducing variation in the sales process, the techniques that will accomplish that goal and ensuring the highest probability of aligning your firm’s services and sales process with the prospect’s needs. This course has also been successfully used by technology organizations within major corporations to orient IT professionals on “selling” ideas and projects to business management.

Service Excellence Workshop

Developed at the request of our clients, the Service Excellence Workshop is intended to instill an understanding of the foundational building blocks required to consistently deliver Service Excellence. Broad, vague concepts and terminology are replaced with structured methodology and process that help to ensure a common understanding across your organization of what service excellence “really” is and how to measure, achieve and sustain it.

Change Management Workshop

Whether your company is experiencing change resulting from external forces, internal events or your company’s steps on the path toward progress, effective management of that change can help ensure that productivity and morale are maintained and that forecasted ROI in actually achieved. The Change Management Workshop focuses on contemporary change theory, organizational and individual change, the phases of the change management effort, understanding “readiness and “adoption” and effective, efficient execution of the change management plan.

Risk Management Workshop

Identifying and managing risk is an integral component of all projects and related activities. The goal of the Risk Management Workshop is to develop skills in how to identify risks, understanding the probability and severity of those risks and potential risk management and mitigation strategies. The components of the workshop include building risk awareness, managing project related risk and applied risk management techniques.

Process Improvement Workshop

Completion of the TSI Process Improvement Workshop will result in the candidate’s understanding and ability to apply “process thinking” and utilize process improvement fundamentals and tools. Whether your company is planning internal process improvement initiatives or is interested in offering process improvement as a component of your services to client companies, TSI’s Process Improvement Workshop can be a key factor to the success of your effort. Components of the course include an introduction to and understanding of process improvement and its application, creation of the project vision, defining the scope and framing the implementation of the project. Critical tools such as applied statistics, process mapping and root cause analysis are cornerstones of this course.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Whether your need is personalized, ongoing coaching, mentoring or professional development for leaders and managers, or just to "brainstorm" an idea or approach, TSI can provide services that align with your requirements. 

Speaking Engagements

TSI can provide dynamic, experienced speakers for your annual meeting, retreat or event. The topic can be selected from one of the training subject areas above or may be in a related area. TSI’s professionals are regular speakers and presenters for national and local forums, including the national presentations such as the Society for Information Management (SIM) conference, CIO Forums, and the Change Management Roundtable as well as many other events and  “in house” company meetings. Presentations can be motivational or content driven… or both!